Similar to the way Uber has enabled anyone with a car to make money while driving and companies like Airbnb are helping homeowners create income streams by renting out bedrooms to travelers, Abra is helping mobile phone users generate revenue for themselves and provide the community with a valuable service by turning their smartphone into an ATM.

Abra Tellers help consumers convert their paper cash into digital cash, and vice versa. Here’s how:

Anna uses the Abra app to find a Teller.

She brings her paper cash and the Teller exchanges it for digital cash which is now held on her smartphone.

Anna can then send the money to anyone else in the world with the Abra app.

People who receive digital cash use Tellers in the same way – they bring their phone with digital cash to the Teller of their choice, and the teller gives them paper cash in exchange.

Tellers set their own commissions to process deposits and withdrawals, and they also determine their own hours and location.

Interested in becoming a teller?

We are excited to partner with individual tellers in select countries. If you are interested in becoming a teller, please tap the three lined menu button on the main screen of the app, and press “Become an Abra Teller”.