Going Global: Building a Worldwide Digital Cash Network; Includes Direct Bitcoin Support

Send in Bitcoin, receive in Dollars

Today, at the North American Bitcoin Conference,  I announced the next phase of Abra’s global expansion: Next month, we’ll be enabling Abra worldwide, activating a global network of Tellers who can transact in over 50 currencies, including directly in Bitcoin. This means that anyone with a smartphone in any country can send or receive funds in most major currencies and can cash in or out of their Abra wallet, even without a bank account. Bitcoin is key to these efforts. While Bitcoin has always been […]

Solving the “Last Mile” Problem for Bitcoin


For years, Bitcoin has been offered as a solution for cross-border payments. After all, Bitcoin is a payment network whose only boundary is the edges of the internet, which is becoming more widely available every day. However there have always been challenges for individuals and companies attempting to use Bitcoin for this purpose: how do you get money in and out of the network? How do you handle slippage and price volatility? Even as Bitcoin exchanges have proliferated around the globe, the answers to these questions […]

Free Bank to Bank Transfers: Send money to and from your own bank accounts in USA and Philippines


Abra has created a simple product that provides a perfect solution for self-send money transfers. Whether you are moving money from USA to Philippines or from Philippines to USA, Abra has a brilliant solution. Let’s say that you’re an overseas Filipino living or residing in the United States. It’s common that you have a need to send money back to the Philippines. Most remittance companies are set up for sending money to another person or a named beneficiary — like sending money to friend or […]

Abra + Codapay: Giving Gamers a Better Experience

Steam wallet codes at the best prices with Abra

Abra has partnered with Codapay to give its users a more convenient, better-value way to pay for Steam wallet codes and more. Why use Abra as your preferred way to pay on Codashop? 1. For a limited time, you can get Steam wallet codes at face value! Starting October 21 and for a limited time, you can purchase Steam wallet codes on Codashop at face value. That means if you purchase a code worth PHP500, you pay only PHP500. The promotion runs until October 31 November […]

Why I made the leap to Abra


Paying. An activity most of us in the developed world conduct many times throughout the average day, something we don’t think twice about. Whether it’s paying for a pair of sneakers at the mall, the latest hip-hop album on iTunes or sending money to a friend for that late night take-out. For the most part, our payment experiences are safe, seamless, and inexpensive. However, the majority of the world’s population deals with a completely different experience. Instead, hundreds of millions of people in emerging markets […]